First Contact Paramedic

Assessing, triaging, treating. At home.

Our 2 Paramedics work autonomously within our PCN practice communities, managing patients with acute presentations, triaging, home visiting and offering long-term conditions management and health promotion. Primed well to work in primary care, they are able to see and treat an individual or refer onwards to hospital or other healthcare services as necessary.

Paramedics in primary care

This film clip of Paul, a paramedic working in primary care, was produced by NHS Kent and Medway and is used here with permission

What can a PCN Paramedic help with?

The role of Paramedics is changing. Although traditionally associated with emergency care, their skills are equally transferable to GP patients with acute needs. They can:

  • Diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions
  • Order tests and interpret results
  • Support patients with long-term conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes

Paramedic training and clinical judgement allows them to quickly but thoroughly assess the situation they are presented with and make decisions about the most critical immediate actions that need to be taken.

What are the advantages to the patient of seeing a PCN Paramedic?

Our Paramedics create additional capacity to see/visit patients with urgent problems in a timely manner throughout the day. Seeing patients more quickly and spending more time with them is beneficial, both in terms of patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. Working flexibly and responsively, our paramedics are able to provide an in-person assessment, ensure the patient’s comfort and arrange treatment, referrals, admission, or other support quickly and thoroughly. Longer contact enables a more holistic approach so that other issues or opportunities for improved care can be identified and acted upon.

Bringing the Practice to patients

When undertaking home visits, our Paramedics bring the Practice to patients. We will be providing more information on this shortly – please check this page again soon.

How do I access the PCN Paramedic?

Our Paramedic appointments and visits can be booked by contacting your GP surgery.




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