Hypertension Clinic

Investigating, diagnosing and managing high blood pressure. With our specialist nurse.

Our Nurse-led Hypertension Clinics are primarily for the diagnosis and management of high blood pressure (hypertension). They were developed by our GP practices as part of a monitoring drive to screen patients for undetected hypertension, a condition that rarely makes people feel ill, but is associated with increased risks of stroke, heart failure, heart attack, and other serious conditions. The higher the blood pressure, the greater the risk. Once diagnosed, however, it can be treated with medication or lifestyle changes.

How to measure your blood pressure

The British Heart Foundation talks you through the basics of taking your blood pressure yourself. Its simple.

Who is it for?

We proactively search for patients who have had a blood pressure reading of ≥135/85 (home) or ≥140/90 (clinic) within the past 2 years, and need a 7 day average and possible further tests to exclude or diagnose hypertension. It is also for patients who would benefit from borrowing a blood pressure monitor to use at home to get multiple readings. Patients who already have a diagnosis of hypertension may occasionally be offered an appointment in this clinic for a review.

How does it work?

No existing diagnosis of hypertension

If you do not have a diagnosis of hypertension, but have had an elevated blood pressure reading within the past 2 years, we send you a text message asking for an up-to-date reading. All our surgeries have blood pressure machines in their Reception waiting areas that are free to use during opening hours; you can also go to your local pharmacy or use a home monitor.

If your new reading is ≥135/85 at home, or ≥140/90 in a healthcare setting, you will be invited to take your blood pressure at home over 7 consecutive days. We text you a blood pressure questionnaire to enter your morning and evening readings, or if you prefer, provide a paper blood pressure ‘diary’ with instructions for you to complete and return to us at wandlepcn.admin@nhs.net. We can lend you a blood pressure monitor if you need one. If your average 7 day home reading is ≥135/85, you will be contacted to attend the clinic for further tests, which may include a blood test, urinalysis and an ECG (an electrocardiogram, or ECG, is a simple test that checks your heart rhythm and electrical activity).

Depending on the results, our Hypertension Nurse will be able to provide lifestyle advice, make a referral to our Social Prescriber, or book you in for a follow-up with the GP or our Clinical Pharmacist.

You have hypertension

If you have an existing diagnosis of hypertension, our Hypertension Nurse can see you for a review to monitor and discuss your response to therapy (medications) and lifestyle modifications.


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